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Lemonade recipes for every season

Lemonades from the supermarket are said to quench our thirst and refresh our bodies. But they often contain a lot of sugar and additives that we don’t need. We would like to share our recipes with you to make your own lemonade.

My recipes for homemade cloudy and clear lemonades. Still or refreshingly sparkling summer lemonade. You have the choice! Absolutely delicious, easy to make and perfect for any summer day.

“Looking for a healthy, delicious recipe for homemade lemonade? Just do it, take a liter of fresh juice, pour equal parts of the juice and a bottle of water into a container, add a teaspoon of sugar, mix well and give the mixture a quick shake. It’s an easy recipe that’s quick to make and then the lemonade can be served in small or large cups.”

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